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ARISE and Go Child Care Ministry; The Matthew25

Victor  founded ARISE and GO Child Care Ministry from the Matthew25 in 2010. He established this community based organization as a compassionate response to the plight of the millions of children in Uganda  who have been orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS.


ARISE and Go Childcare Ministries, a movement of people focused on delivering  a message of Hope to orphans and vulnerable children, the innocent victims, world’s most vulnerable group. ARISE and Go Childcare Ministries approach is two fold, first we work to prevent-educate children, addressing behavior change to  prevent further damage, at the same time, we work to alleviate-provide a safe environment to orphans and vulnerable children, where they can receive  the love, care, and nutrition needed to grow.

ARISE and Go Ministries provides ways to show compassion for all people. We are all adopted sons and daughters of God[Ephesians 1:5]. So God calls to reach out to those who have no father or mother. It reminds that the work of saving the homeless and the fatherless is every one’s business and the way in which we care for those who need our love and sympathy is a test of our character.

When we share our lives with others, we often find that we ourselves are the ones who are change.

ARISE and GO Child Care Ministry currently cares for 22 children within  ARISE and GO children’s Home.  The Victors’ vision is that the children be raised to become the game changers/ future leaders of Uganda and Africa. 


SPONSORSHIP, ARISE and GO childcare Ministry.

ARISE and GO Church  Ministries aims at helping vulnerable childrenin rural Uganda attain quality education, it is the logistical arm of quality education program run to support the retention of children in schools as well as contribute to their sustainability.

The  program works with key stake holders including the school administration, children and parents/ guardians to bring about positive change in individual lives and communities.


At the heart of ARISE and GO Church Ministries is the Christian ethos; making Christ known by spreading His love consequently; child evangelism is key component of all program activities.

Spear headed by an associate child outreach officer, the program nurtures and develops children to realize their potential and act as an effective Christian response in their communities. Through regular schools camps, Bible study clubs, teacher training and routine fellowship, many children and staff have come to faith and had their lives transformed.