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“We continue to devise and implement ways to improve the learning process. Our goal is to make education accessible to more orphans and vulnerable children to increase literacy rate and provide children with every positive opportunity education can afford”

We believe in the power of education to change the world. The  opportunity for quality education creates the possibility of unlocking potential in the children and young people of Uganda.

We partner with local leaders and communities who share the desire to develop  their  children  because we believe they will be future change makers, influencers, and leaders in their communities,

We work with our partner school to be child-focused centers of excellence to enable children grow educationally, vocationally, and spiritually.


Village partnership.

Orphans and Vulnerable children receiving beddings  donated by AGM Uganda.

Reaching the orphans  and vulnerable children with mosquito nets &blankets in rural Uganda.

ARISE and GO MinistriesVillage partnership program is a community based  ministry. Through this program  ARISE and GO MinistriesProvides a coming – a long side kind of assistance in villages where children oftentimes have parents a suitable caretakers but lack of resources to provide basic needs. Working through the local village leadership, chiefs, pastors, elderse.t.c, ARISE and GO Ministriesidentifies the unique needs of a community and develops a strategy on the best way to assist with these needs.  Working together, we partner with villages  and area leaders to help care for the needs of these children in their communities.

Empowering the orphans and vulnerable children, and families economically so as to reduce their  vulnerability and dependency.ARISE and GO Ministriesextend the ministry of Christ into the world of suffering, is a church of comfort, of empowering, of liberation, and of reconciliation. The Matthew25 Program.

All areas of child’s development are considered in this plan-social, mental, physical, and  spiritual.

Evangelism and Discipleship.

ARISE and GO Ministries desires to raise each child with the knowledge of that God created and gave them everlasting abundant life and has a wonderful plan for their lives. Time is given each day to the study and application of God’s word, the Bible.While each child in our care is encouraged to explore their spirituality, guidance, and truth are applied to this exploration with the hope that they will choose to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus.

No child is ever coerced or forced  into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Just a biological family is led spiritually by  parents, so we also  lead our children to an understanding of their spiritual life. All aspects of Christian life including outreach and evangelism are encouraged.