ARISE and GO Church Of Christ Ministries International

taking good news of Christ to Nations  

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Bearing witness to Jesus Christ, Changing lives, building hope, transforming communities.


Our primary mission is, to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and economically improve the daily lives of our brothers and sisters.

ARISE and GO Ministriesextends the ministry of Jesus Christ in the world of suffering; is a church of comfort, of empowerment, of liberation, and of reconciliation.


ARISE and GO Ministries’ passion, is to changing the world by developing Christ-like followers who love God and others.


1.To engage all members in doctrinal study, essential for spiritual maturity.

2.To increase the engagement of church members in biblically authentic spiritual practices.

3.To encourage Church Members to adopt regular pattern of worship.

4.To nurture believers in the lives of discipleship and to involve them in service.

5.To improve leadership practices in order to enhance the credibility of and Christ in the church organization, its operation, and mission initiatives.