ARISE and GO Church Of Christ Ministries International

taking good news of Christ to Nations  

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Our Fellowship

We are a people with hearts and minds set to future glory. Come and fellowship with us.

At ARISE and GO Church Ministries we share fellowship in Christ’s mission. Fellowship it is not simply talk on Sunday morning, it is sharing our lives with one another  knowing and being known so that we can rejoice with those who rejoice,  weep with those who weep. Romans: 12:15

Our fellowship stands in three fellowships that unites  with Christ and our brothers and sisters in the Lord.

As God’s people , we share fellowship with God through Jesus Christ.

As Christ’s people, we  share fellowship with each other, loving one another as God has loved us.

As a sent people, we share fellowship in our mission to extend gospel to ends of the world.


ARISE and GO Church–AGC, observe the two ordinances of the church;

Baptism,  And

The Lord’s super.

Baptism symbolizes our union with Christ in His death and resurrection.

The Lord’s super is a meal that proclaim Christ’s death until He returns.

Baptism marks us out as God’s people, and the Lord’s super is the meal we continually celebrates as God’s people