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ARISE and GO Hannah Initiative.

Through ARISE and GO Hannah Initiative, we are committed to hundreds of women who bear the brunt of horrific injustices. Their key needs include housing, healthcare support, employment and education for their children. As we embrace them by meeting their essential needs and empower them to take care of their own families, together we are engaging community for positive transformation.

It primarily offers counseling to teenagers and women who are faced with crisis pregnancy. For girls between 13-18 years and abovewho have been rejected from home due to unprepared pregnancy and have nowhere to stay. We provide temporally accommodation till they give birth.

While they are at the center they have on going counseling, like life skills education, bible study and vocational training with an aim of behavioral change, spiritual development and self-reliance. All the services that we offer are free. Apart from those who come to seek our training in skills training and those who want to become members of Hannah initiative pay small fees for training and membership.

We also mobilize women to pray through ARISE and GO Hannah Initiative. It is a prayer movement for mother with an aim of birthing a new God fearing generation of young people through prayer. It also aims at strengthening family relationships on a biblical foundation to ensure that young people have safe and Godly homes to be nurtured in.

Young mothers who are able are given an opportunity to join school and their children through the Manasseh project.


ARISE and GO Child Care Ministry, The matthew25, Manasseh, and Hannah Initiatives  are ministries of ARISE and Go Church, which is based in Uganda, East Africa.

Privileged with more than 10 years of the favor of God in this region, ARISE and Go Church Ministries believes in being relevant to the community in which it resides by expediting love, justice and equity to a lost and dying world.

This is done through holistic ministry to the whole man: spirit, soul and body.

For in you the fatherless finds mercy Hosea 14:3

Children are innocent, trusting, and full of hope. Their childhood should be joyful and loving. Their lives should mature gradually, as they gain new experiences. But for many children, the reality of childhood is altogether different. Mark 10:13-14.

They are called to help the vulnerable people and ease their lot; Psalms 41:1 & Psalms 82:3-4